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Accession Number Scientific Name Common Name(s) Collector Date Collected State County Locale
64742Ranunculus hispidus
bristly buttercupWayne  D.  Longbottom4/28/1991MarylandBaltimore Along the rocky hillside just west of Big Falls Road along the Gunpowder Falls
65315Ranunculus hispidus var. caricetorum
bristly buttercupDavid  H.  Williams5/20/1986MarylandGarrett Along Savage River Rd. ca. 1.5-2 miles northeast of intersection with Big Run Rd. Roadside ditch in Savage River flood-plain, near a general store
32934Ranunculus hispidus var. hispidus
bristly buttercupJ.  Meiller4/26/1975MarylandMontgomery Bear Island, 1 mi SE of Great Falls
32938Ranunculus hispidus var. nitidus
swamp buttercupAudrey  Slifer4/13/1974MarylandMontgomery Little Falls Pumping Station, between Potomac River and canal
34931Ranunculus hispidus
bristly buttercupJ.  R.  Souliere4/28/1972MarylandMontgomery Lake Frank, Rockville
1983Ranunculus hispidus
bristly buttercupSanford  S.  Tepfer4/27/1941MarylandMontgomery .3 miles form junction of Seneca Creek and Dry Seneca Creek, Seneca
1984Ranunculus hispidus
bristly buttercupHaven  Kolb4/23/1939MarylandBaltimore Loch Raven Station 1/25 miles 46 degrees
1985Ranunculus hispidus
bristly buttercupEduards  Baltars5/16/1954MarylandFrederick Border of Hunting Creek, E from Foxville (1/4 mi), Catoctin Range
1986Ranunculus hispidus
bristly buttercupEduards  Baltars5/4/1952MarylandFrederick Near Cunningham Falls, Catoctin Range
1987Ranunculus hispidus
bristly buttercup  MarylandPrince Georges College Park
1988Ranunculus hispidus
bristly buttercup  MarylandPrince Georges College Park
1989Ranunculus hispidus
bristly buttercup  MarylandPrince Georges College Park
1990Ranunculus hispidus
bristly buttercup  MarylandPrince Georges College Park
1991Ranunculus hispidus
bristly buttercupMargot  Williams4/14/1974MarylandHoward 1 mile East of Vollmerhausen and Murray Hill Roads at edge of Little Patuxent River
1992Ranunculus hispidus
bristly buttercup5/12/1911MarylandAllegany Allegany County

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