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Accession Number Scientific Name Common Name(s) Collector Date Collected State County Locale
49839Persicaria hydropiperoides
Not AvailableE.  H.  Walker7/12/1930MarylandChain Bridge flats
49840Persicaria hydropiperoides
Not AvailableJ.  L.  Strachan4/22/1977MarylandPrince Georges Paint Branch Creek behind lot #7 on U. of Md. campus.
57338Persicaria hydropiperoides
Not Available  MarylandPrince Georges Riverfront Park, Laurel
67043Persicaria hydropiperoides
Not AvailableEduards  E.  Terrell9/9/1996MarylandAnne Arundel 1 mile SE of Woodwardsville, on Patuxent Road, Little Patuxent R. valley N. of Crofton
5407Persicaria hydropiperoides
Not AvailableN.  L.  Bodkin9/1/1972MarylandPrince Georges College Park area along W. side of Calvert Rd. just W. of Kenilworth Ave.
5409Persicaria hydropiperoides
Not AvailableSanford  Newman10/1948MarylandPrince Georges Near College Park
5412Persicaria hydropiperoides
Not AvailableJ.  B.S.  Norton7/26/1939MarylandPrince Georges West of Contel, Electric Power line VIII
5414Persicaria hydropiperoides
Not AvailableRobert  D.  Rappleye9/26/1940MarylandPrince Georges West of Paint Branch on old Buckly Farm University of Maryland, College Park
54140Persicaria hydropiperoides
Not AvailableOwens9/30/1953MarylandAnne Arundel Along Branch Creek, South River
5417Persicaria hydropiperoides
Not AvailableJ.  B.S.  Norton6/29/1911MarylandPrince Georges Edmonston
5418Persicaria hydropiperoides
Not AvailableM.  A.  Chrysler7/25/1905MarylandAnne Arundel Galesville
5419Persicaria hydropiperoides
Not AvailableJane  Engh7/4/1965MarylandHoward Woodbine
5420Persicaria hydropiperoides
Not AvailableJane  Engh7/4/1965MarylandHoward Ellicott Rd. and County Line
5421Persicaria hydropiperoides
Not AvailableJ.  B.S.  Norton7/11/1903MarylandQueen Annes Centerville
5422Persicaria hydropiperoides
Not AvailableWilliam  Gray10/24/1971MarylandDorchester University of Maryland Research Station at Hornes Point in marshy fileld, north of a tidal inlet .5 miles west of the Main House

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