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Accession Number Scientific Name Common Name(s) Collector Date Collected State County Locale
1009242Monarda punctata
spotted beebalmJohn  David  Hall9/27/2015MarylandCaroline Idylwild Wildlife Management Area.
1000889Monarda punctata
spotted beebalmJohn  D.  Hall8/8/2014MarylandPrince Georges University of Maryland College Park. Native plant garden in front of Research Greenhouse Complex.
16290Monarda punctata
spotted beebalmW.  M.  Eiker, Jr.8/18/1967MarylandWicomico Shad Point Road
16300Monarda punctata var. villicaulis
spotted beebalmE.  A.  Higgins8/11/1966MarylandWorcester Assateague Island
16301Monarda punctata
spotted beebalmDitman8/18/1929MarylandPrince Georges Horticulture Farm, Beltsville
16303Monarda punctata
spotted beebalm11/19/1938MarylandPrince Georges College Park
16304Monarda punctata
spotted beebalmJ.  N.  Sasser9/1952MarylandPrince Georges Beltsville
16306Monarda punctata
spotted beebalmJ.  B.S.  Norton10/2/1931MarylandPrince Georges Beltsville
16310Monarda punctata
spotted beebalmM.  A.  Chrysler8/9/1904MarylandSaint Marys Charlotte Hall
46712Monarda punctata
spotted beebalmStewart  Cooley8/2/1942MarylandPrince Georges Agricultural Research Center, Beltsville
49722Monarda punctata
spotted beebalmJ.   R.   McIntire9/27/1980MarylandPrince Georges Beaver Dam Road, near Hayden Farm, Beltsville
51345Monarda punctata ssp. punctata
spotted beebalmSteven  R.  Hill8/27/1984MarylandWorcester Assateague Island, at bend in road just NW of N Beach parking lots, N Beach, National Seashore
52429Monarda punctata
spotted beebalmGeo.  B.S.  Reynard8/1936MarylandWorcester Pocomoke River, Snow Hill
55196Monarda punctata
spotted beebalmEd  Cohen8/17/1986MarylandWorcester Near Nassawango Indian Furnaces, Millville
16298Monarda punctata
spotted beebalmOliver  H.  Thompson9/23/1972MarylandCecil Off of the Elk River at Elk Neck State Park

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