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Accession Number Scientific Name Common Name(s) Collector Date Collected State County Locale
50105Juncus tenuis
field rushJ.  B.S.  Norton8/8/1938MarylandGarrett Near Swallow Falls
50106Juncus tenuis
field rushF.  E.  Rumiq6/29/1919MarylandPrince Georges College Park
50118Juncus tenuis
field rushHoward  Shriver9/12/1899MarylandAllegany Near Cumberland
50122Juncus tenuis
field rushJ.  B.S.  Norton6/20/1939MarylandPrince Georges Electric Power Line Section IV. West of Beltsville
50125Juncus tenuis
field rushJ.  B.S.  Norton7/28/1939MarylandPrince Georges Electric Power line section VIII. W. of Laurel
50126Juncus tenuis
field rushJ.  B.S.  Norton7/17/1908MarylandGlade near Beckman
50127Juncus tenuis
field rushJ.  B.S.  Norton8/9/1938MarylandGarrett Meadow Mt. N. Garrett Co.
50128Juncus tenuis
field rushJ.  B.S.  Norton7/7/1939MarylandPrince Georges Electric Power line Section V. West of Beltsville
50129Juncus tenuis
field rushJ.  B.S.  Norton8/1/1904MarylandGarrett Oakland
82186Juncus tenuis
field rushWayne  D.  Longbottom6/18/2013MarylandAnne Arundel Glen Burnie, Solley Road, 200 feet north of North Shore Drive, Hidden Dream Training at Solley Farm
21401Juncus tenuis
field rushDitman7/4/1929MarylandSaint Marys Point Lookout
21414Juncus tenuis
field rushA.  Owens6/11/1947MarylandPrince Georges U. of Md. Front of Ag. Bldg., College Park
21417Juncus tenuis
field rushRichard  K.  Solomon6/8/1975MarylandHoward Middle Patuxent River Area, between Rt. 32, Rt. 108, Trotter Rd. and the river
21418Juncus tenuis
field rushOliver  H.  Thompson7/19/1972MarylandQueen Annes In a marsh off of Rt. 50, 1 mile past Kent Narrows Draw Bridge (between Chester River and Prospect Bay), east of Marina on north side of road
21419Juncus tenuis
field rushOliver  H.  Thompson7/6/1973MarylandCecil Fresh water marsh on the Elk River, 1 mile S.W. of Elkton

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