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Accession Number Scientific Name Common Name(s) Collector Date Collected State County Locale
50123Juncus scirpoides
needlepod rushJ.  B.S.  Norton6/20/1939MarylandPrince Georges Electric Power Line Section IV. West of Beltsville
51346Juncus scirpoides
needlepod rushSteven  R.  Hill8/27/1984MarylandWorcester Assateague Island. W. side Rte. 611 just W. of North Beach parking lots. North Beach; National Seashore
1007484Juncus scirpoides
needlepod rushJames  De  Brighton6/9/2015MarylandDorchester Vienna, Fork Neck Road.
21393Juncus scirpoides
needlepod rushDitman6/30/1929MarylandPrince Georges Bottom of Cattail Hill, College Park
21394Juncus scirpoides
needlepod rushJ.  B.S.  Norton8/4/1940MarylandWorcester About 1/2 mile N. of isle of Wright L.S.S. + 6 mi. N. of Ocean City. Along Atlantic Ocean W. of main dune line
21396Juncus scirpoides
needlepod rushJ.  B.S.  Norton7/18/1939MarylandPrince Georges Electric Power line section VII. S.W. of Laurel
21397Juncus scirpoides
needlepod rushW.  F.  Jeffers6/22/1938MarylandSaint Marys Abell
21398Juncus scirpoides
needlepod rushJ.  B.S.  Norton8/21/1903MarylandCaroline Denton
21399Juncus scirpoides
needlepod rushJ.  B.S.  Norton8/7/1940MarylandWorcester Norfolk sound in Pine Shore, above salt water near Bay on West Shore across from N. part of Ocean City
31731Juncus scirpoides
needlepod rushGuy  L.  Stewart6/28/1900MarylandPrince Georges College Park
33652Juncus scirpoides
needlepod rushDitman7/10/1930MarylandPrince Georges Beltsville
48107Juncus scirpoides
needlepod rushSteven  R.  Hill9/13/1981MarylandWorcester Near St. Peters Lutheran Church, Coastal hwy just S. of Old Landing Road, Ocean City
49114Juncus scirpoides
needlepod rushJ.  B.S.  Norton8/7/1940MarylandWorcester East end Whaley Road, across the bay from north end of Ocean City
49115Juncus scirpoides
needlepod rushJ.  B.S.  Norton7/7/1939MarylandPrince Georges Electric Power line section V. West of Berwyn
21234Juncus scirpoides
needlepod rushDitman7/23/1930MarylandAnne Arundel Anne Arundel County

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