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Accession Number Scientific Name Common Name(s) Collector Date Collected State County Locale
1007380Euonymus americanus
bursting-heart, hearts-a-bustin'James  De  Brighton5/31/2015MarylandCaroline Henderson, Wolf Road. Just N of Mud Mill Road.
12810Euonymus americanus
bursting-heart, hearts-a-bustinM.  Rushdi10/3/1953MarylandMontgomery Along side of upper paint branch
1009276Euonymus americanus
bursting-heart, hearts-a-bustin'John  David  Hall8/30/2015MarylandCaroline Along Choptank River at Greensboro Christian Park.
1000984Euonymus americanus
bursting-heart, hearts-a-bustinJohn  D.  Hall5/23/2014MarylandPrince Georges Lake Artemesia., College Park
37119Euonymus americanus
bursting-heart, hearts-a-bustinRobert  D.  Rappleye5/24/1963MarylandAnne Arundel Patuxent River 3 miles south of Central Avenue
43869Euonymus americanus
bursting-heart, hearts-a-bustinSteven  R.  Hill10/4/1980MarylandCalvert Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary, north part of property along MD 506, ca. .1 mi W of Grays Mutual Rd., Prince Frederick
49566Euonymus americanus
bursting-heart, hearts-a-bustinGuy  L.  Stewart5/28/1899MarylandPrince Georges College Park, College Park
56808Euonymus americanus
bursting-heart, hearts-a-bustinSteven  R.  Hill5/25/1986MarylandCalvert Scientists Cliffs community, near Scientists Cliffs Road, near Prince Frederick and Chesabeake Bay
61413Euonymus americanus
bursting-heart, hearts-a-bustinWayne  D.  Longbottom10/21/1991MarylandAnne Arundel Governors Bridge Road "gravel Pits" just south of the Governors Bridge Road at the Patuxent River.
12800Euonymus americanus
bursting-heart, hearts-a-bustinParis  M.  Brickey10/8/1958MarylandWorcester Public Landing
12802Euonymus americanus
bursting-heart, hearts-a-bustinJ.  E.  Benedict, Jr.6/4/1928MarylandSaint Marys Saint Marys County
12811Euonymus americanus
bursting-heart, hearts-a-bustinA.  Owens10/26/1947MarylandCharles Cederville St. For.
12812Euonymus americanus
bursting-heart, hearts-a-bustinOwens10/1/1947MarylandSaint Marys 1 mile N Charlotte Hall. Rt. 5
12813Euonymus americanus
bursting-heart, hearts-a-bustinJ.  E.  Benedict, Jr.8/4/1928MarylandSaint Marys Tall Timbers
12814Euonymus americanus
bursting-heart, hearts-a-bustinE.  H.  Walker7/6/1940MarylandAnne Arundel 1 Mile N. of Priests Bridge, near Bowie

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