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Accession Number Scientific Name Common Name(s) Collector Date Collected State County Locale
83662Eleocharis quadrangulata
squarestem spikerushWayne  D.  Longbottom8/5/2013MarylandTalbot Roemer & Schultes Town of Easton, along Elliott Road, growing along roadside ditch in front of shopping area.
22284Eleocharis quadrangulata
squarestem spikerushWilliam  S.  Sipple9/16/1975MarylandCecil Plum Creek off Elk Rv. At Oldfield Point Road
22285Eleocharis quadrangulata
squarestem spikerushWilliam  S.  Sipple9/18/1975MarylandPrince Georges About 1/2 mile upstream from mouth of Mataponi Creek off the Patuxent Rv.
22286Eleocharis quadrangulata
squarestem spikerushWilliam  S.  Sipple7/7/1976MarylandCharles Potomac Rv. At Douglas Point
22287Eleocharis quadrangulata
squarestem spikerushWilliam  S.  Sipple9/10/1976MarylandCharles About 1 mile south of Douglas Point on the Potomac Rv.
22289Eleocharis quadrangulata
squarestem spikerushElmer  G.  Worthley10/16/1949MarylandPrince Georges Patuxent Refuge, Bowie
22291Eleocharis quadrangulata
squarestem spikerushWm.  H.  Preston, Jr.10/6/1950MarylandPrince Georges Patuxent Research Refuge. Snowden Pond
62542Eleocharis quadrangulata
squarestem spikerushWayne  D.  Longbottom7/21/1992MarylandPrince Georges Patuxent Wildlife Research Center on MD Rt. 197
63001Eleocharis quadrangulata
squarestem spikerushWayne  D.  Longbottom8/13/1992MarylandAnne Arundel Governors Bridge Road "Gravel Pits" just south of Governors Bridge Road at the Patuxent River

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