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Accession Number Scientific Name Common Name(s) Collector Date Collected State County Locale
54592Cyperus filicinus
fern flatsedgeSteven  R.  Hill10/12/1981MarylandWicomico Edge of Phragmites marsh Rte. 50 crossing at Nanticoke River. Ferry Point
55480Cyperus filicinus
fern flatsedgeSteven  R.  Hill8/29/1984MarylandWorcester Assateague Island. Fox Hill levels; 3.5 mi. S. of access rd. # 2; National Seashore
64911Cyperus filicinus
fern flatsedgeWayne  D.  Longbottom9/25/1991MarylandDorchester Along Elliott Island Road near Fishing Bay
22039Cyperus filicinus
fern flatsedgeE.  A.  Higgins10/10/1965MarylandWorcester Assateague Island
22042Cyperus filicinus
fern flatsedgeE.  A.  Higgins6/9/1965MarylandWorcester Assateague Island. Md. State Park
22044Cyperus filicinus
fern flatsedgeE.  A.  Higgins8/7/1965MarylandWorcester Assateague Island
22045Cyperus filicinus
fern flatsedgeE.  A.  Higgins9/16/1966MarylandDorchester Edge of Big Wash - So. Of Ragged Point
22047Cyperus filicinus
fern flatsedgeOliver  H.  Thompson8/27/1972MarylandKent Brackish marsh 10 miles south of Chestertown and 1 mile northeast of the confluence of the Chester River and Langford Creek
22049Cyperus filicinus
fern flatsedgeDitman9/25/1930MarylandWorcester Eastern Shore
22050Cyperus filicinus
fern flatsedgeM.  A.  Chrysler8/9/1904MarylandSaint Marys On Patuxent River
22051Cyperus filicinus
fern flatsedgeNorton8/26/1904MarylandDorchester Taylors Island
22052Cyperus filicinus
fern flatsedgeM.  A.  Chrysler1904MarylandS. Md.
22053Cyperus filicinus
fern flatsedgeW.  F.  Jeffers10/12/1939MarylandSaint Marys St. Marys County
22054Cyperus filicinus
fern flatsedgeM.  A.  Chrysler1904MarylandCalvert Parkers Creek
22055Cyperus filicinus
fern flatsedgeJ.  B.S.  Norton8/4/1940MarylandWorcester 6 mi. N. of Ocean City

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