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Accession Number Scientific Name Common Name(s) Collector Date Collected State County Locale
1005334Chimaphila maculata
striped prince's pineJim  Davis7/25/1968MarylandPrince George's College Park
1007655Chimaphila maculata
striped prince's pineJames  De  Brighton4/16/2015MarylandTalbot Tunis Mills, Hope House Property.
36109Chimaphila maculata
striped princes pineAlan  R.  Fischler7/23/1977MarylandPrince Georges Suitland Bog
37590Chimaphila maculata
striped princes pineP.  Barrett6/15/1979MarylandPrince Georges Black Gum-Oak Stand. Stand 3, Greenbelt Park, Greenbelt
37950Chimaphila maculata
striped princes pineR.  G.  Brown6/23/1961MarylandWorcester East of Pocomoke, Rte. 306
45379Chimaphila maculata
striped princes pineL.  M.  Palmer10/5/1980MarylandHoward Rt. 29 north at intersection of Patuxent River
49866Chimaphila maculata
striped princes pineSanford  S.  Tepfer9/28/1941MarylandFrederick Catoctin Mt. -- lower end of Coffee Hollow -- Catoctin Furnace
49910Chimaphila maculata
striped princes pineJohn  Krehbiel11/22/1980MarylandPrince Georges East of R.W. Pkwy at Rt. 197
56253Chimaphila maculata
striped princes pineBryan  E.  Dutton4/18/1986MarylandAnne Arundel In Severn Run Environmental Area just west of Indian Landing Road ca. 1.2 miles N.E. of MD 178 and ca. 2.4 miles N.E. Millersville
59166Chimaphila maculata
striped princes pineJames  L.  Reveal6/14/1980MarylandWorcester Along Mt. Olive Church Road, 1.3 mile north of Maryland Highway 12 and 1.6 mile south of Mt. Olive Church at Laws Road, about 4.7 air miles northwest of Snow Hill
8351Chimaphila maculata
striped princes pineE.  A.  Higgins7/29/1966MarylandWorcester Assateague Island. Nature Trail - Wildlife Refuge
8353Chimaphila maculata
striped princes pineWarren  H.  Wagner, Jr.6/29/1942MarylandAnne Arundel Camp Letts, Rhodes River, 6.5 m., course 198ยบ from Annapolis
8355Chimaphila maculata
striped princes pineE.  H.  Walker6/28/1933MarylandAnne Arundel Anne Arundel County
8356Chimaphila maculata
striped princes pineLucille  magee7/7/1932MarylandMontgomery Glen Echo
8357Chimaphila maculata
striped princes pineRoller7/4/1943MarylandCarroll Parrs Ridge, near Westminster

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