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Accession Number Scientific Name Common Name(s) Collector Date Collected State County Locale
1006119Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania sedgeJames  De  Brighton4/19/2015MarylandWashington Hancock, Riser Road. Above the floodplain of Sidling Creek.
70287Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania sedgeChris  Lea5/13/2000MarylandCarroll Along N side of Big Pipe Creek, about 0.6 mi. E of confluence with Bear Branch, 1 mi. SE of Union Mills
70800Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania sedgeChris  Lea4/25/2000MarylandWorcester Just N of intersection of Fleming Mill Pond Road with Fleming Mill Road, Pocomoke State Forest, just E of Dividing Creek, 1.5 mi. SW of Whitesburg. Forest service road
31753Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania sedgeHoward  Shriver06/09/1897MarylandAllegany Near Cumberland
31755Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania sedgeHoward  Shriver07/05/1899MarylandAllegany Near Cumberland
70350Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania sedgeChris  Lea4/15/1998MarylandMontgomery S Bear Island, in Potomac River. Lea thesis plot 32-2
21831Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania sedgeJane  Engh5/9/1965MarylandHoward Route 97 and Patauxent
21833Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania sedgeGuy  L.  Stewart  MarylandPrince Georges College Park
46359Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania sedgeSteven  R.  Hill5/2/1981MarylandWashington E side of Sideling Hill Creek at Rte. 40
64288Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania sedgeWayne  D.  Longbottom4/13/1991MarylandPrince Georges Fran Uhler Natural Area, Lemons Bridge Road
70469Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania sedgeChris  Lea4/30/1995MarylandMontgomery Offut Island, in Potomac River
64950Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania sedgeWayne  D.  Longbottom5/20/1992MarylandGarrett Big Run Road between New Germany Road and Savage River Road
29252Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania sedgeEduards  Baltars5/15/1955MarylandFrederick Near Foxville Tower, Catoctin Range
70621Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania sedgeChris  Lea6/28/2000MarylandAllegany Along Wagner Road, 4 mi. N of Maryland Route 51 (Uhl Highway), 4 mi. NE of Oldtown
70622Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania sedgeChris  Lea4/19/2000MarylandMontgomery Bear Island (along Potomac River) - S end (near Lea thesis research plot 31-5)

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