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Accession Number Scientific Name Common Name(s) Collector Date Collected State County Locale
41888Acer negundo
ashleaf mapleJ.  A.  Link4/27/1980MarylandBaltimore Mantum Mill Road
35289Acer negundo
ashleaf mapleC.  E.   McDowell4/29/1977MarylandPrince Georges Old trolly bridge, College Park
35290Acer negundo
ashleaf mapleJ.  P.   Bukovsky4/16/1977MarylandAllegany Straus Wilderness Area, 8 miles north of Hancock
1005138Acer negundo
ashleaf mapleWayne  D.  Longbottom9/6/2010MarylandAnne Arundel Town of Davidsonville, Queen Anne Bridge Area of Patuxent River Park, along Patuxent River
35291Acer negundo
ashleaf mapleRichard  K.  Solomon5/12/1974MarylandHoward Middle Patuxent River area
35292Acer negundo
ashleaf mapleW.  Talbott7/11/1968MarylandPrince Georges North of College Park Airport
35293Acer negundo
ashleaf mapleGregg  Gochnour4/27/1972MarylandMontgomery Kennedy High School
35294Acer negundo
ashleaf mapleDonald  Cordts4/20/1965MarylandPrince Georges Duck pond, Adelphi MD
35295Acer negundo
ashleaf mapleEleanore  Speert4/13/1974MarylandMontgomery Montgomery County
35296Acer negundo
ashleaf mapleR.  E.  Hormats4/6/1974MarylandBaltimore 3421 Woodvalley Drive
35297Acer negundo
ashleaf mapleAlan  L.  Brauer4/17/1967MarylandFrederick Motters
36098Acer negundo
ashleaf maplePhilip  L.  Olsen3/17/1977MarylandMontgomery Silver Spring, behind 10708 Blossom Lane
36743Acer negundo
ashleaf mapleRobert  D.  Rappleye5/3/1963MarylandAnne Arundel Patuxent River at Queen Anne Bridge
41356Acer negundo
ashleaf mapleSheila  M.  Hayden4/11/1978MarylandPrince George's University of Maryland, College Park Campus. SE of Memorial Chapel, College Park
41892Acer negundo
ashleaf mapleSusan  C.  Capelle4/2/1980MarylandPrince Georges Behind Park Hampshire Apts. on New Hampshire Ave.

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